Mount the rest by using the enclosed button head screw and washer.  Bolt the rest onto the riser.  Make sure the rest is level on your bow.  Place set screw in the arm. This will act as the second lock down point to keep your rest from moving.

Move the windage adjustment left or right by first unlocking the windage adjustment lock screw.   Then move the rest left or right to achieve center shot. If extra windage adjustment is needed, there is a second set of launcher holes on the shaft.

Move the vertical adjustment up or down by first unlocking the vertical adjustment lockdown screw.  Nock an arrow.  Move rest until arrow is centered through the burger hole.  Set nock point 1/8” high to start.  You can quickly fine tune the rest by making small adjustments until you have the perfect arrow flight.

The limb pads should be 2-3” from the tip of the limb.  If you are not sure of the exact location, it is recommended to place the pad closer to the tip of the limb.

Wrap the cord around the limb and secure with a double half hitch knot with the cord centered in the limb pad.  Cinch the knot tight around the limb.

Loosen the lock screw in the actuation arm and pull the cord down until the arm is set at 5-6 o’clock.  The launcher will drop the fastest at the 6 o’clock mark.